Green Coffee Bean Extract Diet

Discover a New Diet Tactic in the Form of Green Coffee Bean Extract

For many years, one of the only “diet safe” drinks that has been consistently loved and used by many individuals is coffee. Fortunately, plain old coffee does not contain many calories, and it has virtually zero fat in it as well. Plus, it has always been known for having many different health benefits, including the ability to help prevent cancer in the bodies of both men and women. And, when it comes to green coffee extract, the list of health benefits starts to rapidly grow in length.

coffee bean extractMany people at one time or another wind up asking the question, “What on earth is green coffee bean extract?” While on first thought it may seem like green coffee is a strange hybrid of the traditional coffee bean, it actually is not. Green coffee is simply made up of unroasted coffee beans. When you are on the green coffee bean extract diet, or you are consuming any green coffee products, you are not actually drinking a cup of coffee or enjoying your favorite kind of latte- you’re taking tablets or pills. Up until recently, many health experts and scientists have believed that the fat burning ingredient in coffee is caffeine, simply because it is so energizing. But after many more studies and experiments, the health industry has now concluded that the real fat burning ingredient in coffee products is a compound known as chlorogenic acid. Although regular coffee does contain small amounts of chlorogenic acid, a majority of it exists in green coffee, and is then destroyed once the coffee beans are roasted and prepared for human consumption.

Chlorogenic acid is scientifically proven to have numerous health benefits for the average individual, and many of these revolve around the concept of weight loss and an overall increase in fitness abilities. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, chlorogenic acid actively works in the body to increase the absorption of various types of sugars within the intestines. More sugar is absorbed overall, and it is done so in a much quicker manner than what the body normally does. Additionally, it has also been proven that chlorogenic acid greatly affects an important enzyme that is located within the liver. The acid works to inhibit the enzyme in order to prevent it from releasing large amounts of sugar into the body’s bloodstream.

By safely controlling the sugar levels within the body, and ensuring that less sugar is released, green coffee bean extract also in turn controls your appetite. Significantly reducing one’s appetite is one of the main ways to lose a large amount of weight, and it is incredibly natural and safe as well. When you incorporate green coffee extract into your daily life, your ongoing fight against your appetite ceases. Instead, you can start controlling it and reining it in without harming your body and health in the process.

Green coffee has also been proven to actually reduce the size of fat cells. The large amount of chlorogenic acid in all green coffee extract products works to significantly increase the average body’s metabolism. This is incredibly important because it enables the body to quickly burn off fat that has already been retained, while also preventing more fat from eventually unhealthily accumulating. With a quicker metabolism, smaller appetite, and less sugar all working together in conjunction, you will be on the road to remarkable weight loss and an entire transformation of your body in just a short amount of time after starting the green coffee diet.

coffee green beansAnother common question that potential green coffee users often have is whether you can drink green coffee extract or not, and if you can’t, how you then go about partaking in the diet. The answer to this is no, you cannot drink green coffee bean extract. The high amounts of chlorogenic acid in green coffee does not make it particularly appetizing, and if it were to ever be brewed, it would be much too strong and acidic for the average connoisseur to enjoy. Instead, green coffee extract can commonly be purchased in the form of tablets and pills. Despite the natural form of the compound being altered, it still retains all of its weight loss and dieting properties, and its strong acidic content will not harm your body in anyway. The dosage that you should take varies from individual to individual, and depends on a number of factors, including how much you weigh, how much weight you would like to lose eventually, and your age. For the most part, the directions state that green coffee bean extract should always be taken with meals, and this generally holds constant unless you are under special orders from a professional or your physician. The greatest part of the green coffee extract diet is that anyone and everyone can enjoy it; its versatility is endless.


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